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Display Copy Pun Genius

Gray’s Papaya slogan: “Let’s be FRANK, you’ll love our FURTERS”
Diagnosis: Missed opportunity, roll with the creaky puns you think people love: “Let’s be FRANK without FURTER delay.” Also better adjacency, slightly clearer narrative throughline.

Build-a-Bear Workshop store signage: Bear puns on every sign, but for some reason not on what amounts to “Employees Only” signage, here done as “Hibernation Station.”
Diagnosis: Should be “Hibearnation Station” obvs. Branding, people.

Aire, a high-end apartment building: No slogan.
Diagnosis: Big full-color sign, building profile knifing into blue sky, thin white type: “TO AIRE IS HUMAN.” How does anyone get paid for a job this easy, I ask you?

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