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As departure memos go, this will be a short one. I had a great year-and-change working at Tumblr, and that was entirely because of (a) the work and (b) the people, not in any kind of priority. When you do work you love with people you love, the two become the same in your mind. The work is mostly on display here. The people are too many to name, though I must call out Jessica and Sky and Topher and most recently and too briefly Jason. That is Tumblr Editorial and they are brilliant, excellent, choice types you would be lucky to know. Other folks at Tumblr were also my jam and you know who you are, present and past alike. Even if it ended too soon for my taste, I’ll forever be thankful to those responsible for the chance we had to make and play. Amazing how simple it gets, the more there is to do. Looking forward to even more — I’m gone but I ain’t leaving. If you’re interested in having me do something with you, for you, or to you, feel free to get in touch.

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    You are one of my favorite people ever, and I wish I’d had a chance to work more closely with you, so I could legit...
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    It’s been a…uh…interesting week. I just wanted to give a massive shoutout to everyone in Editorial and I couldn’t have...
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