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The New Gig

My personal Summer of Indolence will finally come to a bittersweet end as of Monday, when I join Blip as VP of Programming. Expect a lot more video posts from me. In fact all Tumblr text posts will be replaced by video posts of me reciting text posts; for link posts like this one I will audibly spell out all URLs and related punctuation with RELIGIOUS INTENSITY. Lots to do in this newly created position but I expect I’ll be hunting for talent in various capacities, so keep your ears on if that’s you.

  1. miketewing said: Hope you weren’t planning on using Blip for those comments because they would definitely violate their programming standards. YouTube perhaps?
  2. bigboxcar said: Congrats!
  3. marc said: Congrats!
  4. bobbyfinger said: DON’T FUCK IT UP, MOHNEY
  5. zacheverson said: Congrats!
  6. thedaddycomplex said: Congrats! Sounds like an awesome role at a great place.
  7. colettewacker said: is being a tech vet the sort-of inverse of being a vet tech?
  8. bryan said: Congrats chris!
  9. strle said: Congrats <3
  10. laughterkey said: Congrats, man!
  11. katemaxx said: Congrats Chris!!
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