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PLAY KICKSTARTER NOW LIVE! 12 kids + 12 cameras = time to PLAY! Take a look, share, and by all means feel free to pitch in!

Hey y’all this thing I’ve been working on with Sky for MANY MANY MOONS is now finally on the block! Check out the frankly gorgeous demo video above and please visit our Kickstarter page, sharing it generously even if you’re not so inclined to cough up any dough. Thanks also to petegoz for animation help and bobbyfinger for GIF work. Eternal gratitude to any who choose to contribute, but also just helping get the word out via reblogs, likes, shares, retweets, etc very, very sincerely appreciated. Do take a look!

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    No surprise to anyone who knows me and knows how many times I’ve cried at the documentary Babies (which, if you don’t...
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    To recapture your childhood, watch the amazing video for this Chris Mohney project, made by 12 kids on a NYC playground...
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    This is awesome.Next pay check I get, I’m pitching in!!
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